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From Vampire to a young Billionaire

on May 26, 2009

Edward Cullen

Months ago it was this dazzling vampire driving a shiny volvo named Edward Cullen but things changed last Friday night, I’m now into a young billionaire, the heir of Shinwa Group of Companies, the leader of F4 by the name of Gu Jun Pyo. Now my shoutout, YM status message and Facebook is all about this fictional character.

 Gu Jun Pyo


If Edward Cullen is all about perfection personified except for the fact that he is a vampire, Gu Jun Pyo’s character is far different. They are both undeniably handsome and rich but Jun Pyo’s attitude will drive you nuts, he’s bratty, easily loses his temper, bossy, bully but the things he’ll do once he’s in love will drive you even crazier. If Edward can get in the way of a van that’s about to crush you, Jun Pyo is somehow more realistic ’cause obviously he’s human. He’ll save you from the bullies, wait for hours in the winter night, take you to a far away island, cook for you, show you his heart from a chopper, give you a one of a kind pendant that he personally designed and he’ll even leave his mom for you, he’ll truly swept you off your feet despite of his attitude problems brought about by his social status.

I know it’s not fair to compare the two of them, it’s just that I’m surprised that I am ending my Edward Cullen addiction which eventually translated to being a Robert Pattinson fanatic, for now, at least for now. Now here goes Gu Jun Pyo/ Lee Min Ho addiction, I’m not sure how long it’s going to last. Boys over Flowers only has 25 episodes, if you’re going to do a marathon you can finish it over the weekend.

I didn’t know that I can be this much addicted to fictional characters not until these two came along. I guess, if you can’t find romantic love in your life you go and search for it somewhere else. In my case, I found it in books/movies and a drama series. For some this may sound pathetic but for me I don’t think it is. The feeling of being in love, being swept off your feet, the thrill of the chase, butterflies in your stomach, sparkling eyes, sweet smiles, are all beautiful things that almost every normal person wants to experience. I know that it’s quite impossible to forget the feeling of being in love but sometimes you need to be reminded on how good it feels and that love still exists. So for people like me, I’ll resort to immensing myself with all these fictional stuffs, I’d rather be in love with a fictional character than to be cynical and skeptic about love. After all, I believe that the reason why there are no fairy tale endings in real life is because people have become cynics when it comes to love.

I still believe that one day I will not be needing Edward nor Jun Pyo, someday I’ll be someone’s Bella or maybe Jan Di.


7 responses to “From Vampire to a young Billionaire

  1. mintie says:

    I have to agree with you, we are alike haha I was obsessed by Edward Cullen last Christmas and now I’m in love with Gu Jun Pyo.

    *Cheers* to the lack of romantic love in our lives

  2. mayphyo says:

    nay kg par say?

  3. marbeeee says:

    i have to say. this is what hopeless romantics like me need. i totally agree with you. i was also addicted to Edward Cullen, but now, damn crazy about Lee Min Ho. And i guess, there are also a million other girls who feel the same way we do. ♥

  4. nn says:

    lovely , everything u wrote is just true and perfect i was all over edward ♥ and i’m still but now about gu jun pyo ♥ too how they smile and how they make u crazy with thier lovable irresistable look and hair too ♥ ♥ ♥ + and actions actually words cant describe how i wish they were true ;’) 😀 ♥ ♥

  5. nn says:

    and plzz tell me if their anything enjoyable like this to watch or read ……………..

  6. rowena says:

    yeah,! i agree with yahh girls..! they are too gorgeous!”grrrr..!!
    i hope they exist in reality..hoooooo!?

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