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For a Friend

on May 28, 2009

Who am I to say what you should do? It’s easy for me to say “let him go”, ’cause I’m not the one who’s going to feel the pain. I’m just your friend, a 23-year old girl who is not even sure if she’s ever really been in love but here I am hoping that you’ll bump into this blog and somehow find enlightenment.

I know it hurts, it’s the first time that I heard you really crying. Sometimes the only thing left for us to do is the most painful thing and in your case that is, to let go. If he loves you then he should leave her, no doubts, no second thoughts but he obviously can’t for some reasons. If he loves her then, he shouldn’t betray her trust through you, he should have left you long before you both encounter this crossroads. Needless to say, the situation is confusing but only one thing is clear, he doesn’t want to be left empty handed, he doesn’t want to take the risk, he’s playing safe, he’s selfish. From that, I think you should try to see what kind of person he really is, you’ve been selfless all this time, you let him stay committed to his girlfriend while he’s playing with your feelings, making you hope for nothing. It can be true that he really loves but I don’t think the love that he has for you is enough for him to fight for you. You’ve given him a chance, you’ve given him more than three years of your time to fix things and yet up to now he hasn’t figured out what does he really want.

I know you’re in pain, it’s hard to let go of him, ’cause what if he’s the one? you might have lost the chance but what if he’s not? you’ve given him enough chances and plenty of time to prove if he really is the one, so I guess take it form there, maybe after all the sacrifices, he’s not.

Set him free so that you can also start setting yourself free from being his all too willing captive. It doesn’t happen over night but it does pass, don’t waste your time, after all you know that there is someone out there who loves you.


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