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Four encounters…

on November 3, 2015

And they are all asking why… As much as I want to give them an answer there is none.I had a close encounter for maybe four times…

The first was a case of prolonged infatuation trapped in a state of could’ve been…of childhood dreams that remained as such

The second was trying too hard to be an adult when the world was telling us that we are too young…and yes, we were

The third was from a distance…a hyper-infatuation…a case of one way street

The fourth was a case of bad timing, of fears, of excuses, misaligned priorities and all other adult things…it was just never meant to be

So you see? Things just didn’t work out, time was just not on my side.

-July 2014, New Brunswick, New Jersey


One response to “Four encounters…

  1. izza ifzaal says:

    So true

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