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Life Lessons

on July 28, 2016



The Peak Observatory Hong Kong May 2016

Dear Kids,

Stories, poems, quotes talking about valuable lessons in life are abound. We can read them from social media, hear from friends and family especially the elderly or sometimes even a random stranger. Sometimes we even write it down on our facebook status, blogs, diaries and random notes. But has it ever crossed your mind that these lessons are actually simple but more often than not we lose track and forget about it or sometimes we overanalyze until its devoid of meaning.

“Early to bed, early to rise”, we knew this even before our first day in kindergarten but here we are browsing on countless instagram post at 12 midnight even if we have an early 9am meeting tomorrow.

“Honesty is the best policy”, you might have this as your motto in your gradeschool yearbook but how about white lies, we normally choose it for convenience, right? So, is it still the best policy?

“Happiness is a choice” yet we sometimes wallow in despair when we feel like we fail. We do crazy things until we either become numb of the pain or we have accepted defeat and go back reminding ourselves that we need to choose to be happy.

“Love is patient, love is kind…” Does this apply when you find out that your husband is cheating? Will you still be kind enough to treat him well and not even think of spraying insecticide on his morning meal.

“Great things come to those who wait.” Is this real? Like you waited for 14 years and didn’t get anything in the end. Waited for six years only to end up disappointing yourself. Where is the greatness in that?

It is us who complicates life, in the end we need to go back to the basic lessons in life and remind ourselves to sleep early, choose to be happy, still believe in love and wait patiently for our turn. It’s the circumstances that were either imposed upon us or something that we took part of that leads us to life’s complicated tapestry.

So just in case we get lost wandering through our journey let’s go back to the basic lessons in life and the reminders are everywhere, there will never be a shortage of it. We will keep on reading, hearing and writing about it everywhere because while the message is simple we still forget about it sometimes when things go complicated.





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