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Over you just not over it

on July 27, 2016

So after two years, there you are as if coming from nowhere…greeting me with a big smile on your face and asking “How are things?” I look at you and surprisingly my lips moved to smile but my expression is a bit confused and it made you ask “why the reaction?”. I made up some petty excuse for my confused expression which I hope you bought. How are things? Doing good. Well, that’s all that I can say.

Yes, I am doing good. Since you left, I got promoted, I was able to get into graduate school, I just bought myself a car and I turned down quite a few invitations to go out on dates. Yes my dear, I am doing good. What about you? Well, I couldn’t even bring myself to ask you that. Maybe ’cause I know you are doing well.


P.S. Found this on my drafts folder. This should have been posted some time in June 2014 but decided to post it anyway.


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