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The Gift of Time

on August 20, 2014

As the cliche goes, “Timing is everything” to which I fully agree. Recently, it just hit me that maybe I need to bribe “timing” to be on my side or more rightfully, pray to God for the gift of time.

I flew in the day he flew out, I flew in again a week after he took a flight for his two year overseas assignment, he returned home for two weeks when I flew in to where he was assigned. The universe is telling us, it’s not yet time for you to see each other again.

I knew him since first grade, his relationship was on the rocks with his first girlfriend the day I said yes to my suitor to be my first boyfriend. They eventually broke up while I stayed in a relationship, he got into another relationship a month before I broke up with my boyfriend. We kept in touch from time to time but we were never available at the same time.

I spotted him on my first day in the University, he was my instant crush. Before our class ended, I found out that he’s taken. That same night, I got into a relationship. The next day, I chatted with him and found out that he just broke up with his girlfriend the night before. Since then he would ask me from time to time if I am still in a relationship but things went on their way and I never saw him again after college.

Now I am wondering, was the one for me on that flight that I missed from Amsterdam to Manila last December? Or was I supposed to bump into him in Myeongdong April last year? Was I supposed to meet him while having lunch somewhere in Raffles City last March 2012?

No one knows the answers. It could be it wasn’t a case of bad timing but rather a bigger issue. It’s just feels weird to realize that on separate instances there was obviously a case of bad timing whether to resolve things or make things happen.

“Dear Lord, I trust your wisdom to let things happen in accordance to your timing”



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