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Out There

on July 4, 2014


Everybody’s asking if I am seeing someone but none of them couldn’t believe that the answer is “No”. People my age are getting married one by one, some are already enjoying the joys of being a mother but here I am enjoying take offs and touch downs to different destinations around the world.

I will be a hypocrite if I will say that I am not bothered at all. I used to joke that I will be marrying this year. I don’t want to be alone, I want to be with someone and have my own family. I thought it was as easy as graduating from high school but I was wrong. But this does not mean I’ll settle for anything less than I deserve. As years go by, I know better now. While I still want someone who is not insecure, I want someone who cares. I guess that’s the downside and upside of getting more mature, your preference is more defined.

I am still hopeful, I might be behind my supposed targeted timeline, I still have hope. Who knows, I might meet him on the airport lounge or while sightseeing. Love is everywhere and I know the one for me is out there waiting for me.


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