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27 Bizarre Things About ME

on December 3, 2012

I don’t want to write an emo article for my birthday, let’s save that for my year end article. I know it’s late but let me share with you some things about me which I find really unusual (in no particular order).

27 Bizarre Things About ME

  1. My memory is weirdly sharp, the earliest memory I have (‘though it’s kinda blurry) is my mom putting diapers on me, I can’t be older than 3 years old that time ‘cause I don’t have a brother yet. I also remember it was kinda gloomy outside that day and we were about to go somewhere. I tried researching the possibility, maybe my hippocampus developed earlier than normal.
  2. During quiz bees, I score higher on the difficult category than the easy category.
  3. I experienced having a dream that continues every night. It’s like watching a TV series. (Thank God it’s over)
  4. I only have two real life crushes my entire life.
  5. I never had menstrual cramps except for year-end 2010, it’s my legs that are hurting.
  6.  My favorite toy as a kid was pen and paper, I get easily tired with Barbie dolls and mini-Kitchen sets.
  7. I’m quite good in sewing. I didn’t like some of the details of the second gown that I am supposed to use for my 18th birthday so I ripped it and sew it myself.
  8. I “used” to do an annual inventory count of my clothes.
  9. I find it weird that I am receiving messages from people whom I haven’t talked to for years, asking advice on work and love life. It’s weird because I know I’m not the friendly type and it’s not like my life is so perfect.
  10. Kids like me, even if I don’t smile a lot. Yah, I find it weird ‘cause as I said I’m not the friendly type.
  11. When I write something not work related, I don’t read it right after I wrote it, it will take me at least a month to read it again. Sorry for some grammatical errors.
  12. I cry over movies which are not really tearjerkers, I just find myself crying maybe because I’m stressed.
  13. When I say shopping, it means I bought three items above. If it’s below three items, I say “I just passed by the mall”.
  14. I’ve got 20 notebooks of quotations, doodles, etc. I’ve kept them since high school.
  15. At 15, I wrote my so-called first “short story”.
  16. During kindergarten, I won’t stop reading my textbook for my “Reading” subject until the last page.
  17. I get attracted to mind games but I also get tired if it’s too much. #readbetweenthelines
  18. I cried and LAUGHED at the goodbye scene of Gen and Leon (Bea and John Lloyd) at the train station in Salzburg. #backstory
  19. Except for that Bomb Jack game on the family computer, I was never good at computer games.
  20. I can cook sinigang, pasta and some other recipes but I am no good in frying.
  21. When writing something, my problem is that my fingers never won the race with my mind.
  22. I’m friends with people who are actually enemies like Girl 1 and Girl 2 are my friends but Girl 1 is not in good terms with Girl 2.
  23. I need to have at least one pending trip or else… I won’t stop looking for a place to go.
  24. While working as an auditor, I know from which client the OT pay I used to buy a specific item.
  25. While most kids dislike sleeping during the afternoon, I volunteer to sleep..hahaha…but this was before I entered school.
  26. No matter how clean or how nice the bathroom is, I still feel uncomfortable taking a bath. There are only two bathrooms is the world I am comfortable at, our house and my apartment.
  27. Once I’m at the last item of the list…I suddenly think of a lot of things to include..haha..let me save that for the years to come.

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  1. Lacy Panyko says:

    Hey my name is Rebecca and I’m a writer and this website really aided me. I’m motivated! Thanks!

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