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Fast paced

on August 26, 2012

They say we are a generation of highly ambitious, overly demanding individuals. We want to be executives before we reach 40 and yet we demand more vacations. We are in a hurry to climb the corporate ladder and to conquer the world. We switch jobs, one after the other, aiming for a bigger pay and a higher position. We are a generation that cannot wait.

I am a part of the generation that cannot wait. I’ve been working for five and a half years and this is already my third job. I left my first job for a higher pay, I left my second job for the lack of opportunity for growth. Now that I’m on my third, there are times when I think of leaving, I want a higher pay and a higher position with a more defined career path. My current job is stressful at times and for me, that stress justifies my need to go on vacation. I’ve practically covered Southeast and North Asia, not to mention that I’ve been to the significant parts of Luzon and Visayas.

My parents does not like it every time I talk about resignation and they are also wondering why I am in a rush to see the world. My dad worked for only one company his entire life, he’s with the same company for 35 years and counting. Most of my friends’parents are the same. My mom doesn’t get it why I am complaining if the task I was given is too easy. My other relatives are even laughing at me, thinking that I must be out of mind to want a more challenging, more stressful job. Clearly, this can be attributed to what we commonly call as “generation gap”. The older generation couldn’t understand why we take the risk of adjusting to a new environment, why gamble with being a probationary again, why take an unknown path when you are already walking on a stable one. Aside from this, they also can’t see the point why today’s generation travel a lot, why spend my hard earned cash on plane fares and accommodations just to see the other side of the world, once a year is enough, why travel almost every month.


So let me defend the generation on which I belong. Everything is fast paced nowadays. Messages are sent in an instant. You can easily spread the news on your recent success or your most recent heartbreak. Reunions can now be done online even if we are miles apart. That plane ticket can be purchased in just a few clicks. Everyone has easy access to almost everything. High Speed Railways can transport you in a few short hours. The world wide web is full of information, it’s in your hands. You need not go to a bank or a money changer for the latest forex rate, neither go Tower One for the latest price per share of your investment. What am I trying to say? It’s all about speed. All of us are willing to pay for a faster service. It’s our generation’s way of keeping up with the fast paced environment. We take licensure exams right after graduation. We take up our master’s degree even if we barely have just two years of work experience. We obtain international certifications to conquer the world. We don’t want to compete locally, we want to be global. Why not? We can now see how Manhattan looks like, as if we are there, so why not hop on that plane and take the chance to work in Wall Street. Why sit down and let time pass you by when you can conquer the world in your 20’s. Why bore yourself with a pencil pushing job when you know you can change the world, when you can be the next cover for Time Magazine. But everything comes with a price, this fast paced environment is really stressful. So to remedy all this stress, we open the internet and book a flight. Let’s temporarily escape this stressful environment. Let’s recharge somewhere. So open that ticketing website and book a plane to Hong Kong for some shopping, or Singapore to watch what’s being shown in Esplanade, Thailand for some sightseeing or China for some cultural immersion, anywhere else you like as long as reachable by that budget airline, Boracay would be a very good idea or how about Palawan? Let’s leave the stress behind as we take in the experience of the place away from from desks.

The world has changed in an unimaginable speed, who would’ve thought that all these would be possible. As a cliche goes, change is the only constant thing in this world. So why waste your time, let us conquer the world the fastest and best way we can and let’s take advantage of those affordable fares 🙂


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