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Dear Boss

on July 8, 2012

Dear Boss,

First of all, sorry if I can’t tell you these things face to face. I hope you will understand as you go along.

Just recently, I have expressed my interest on applying for a position on our regional headquarters overseas, I am not sure how you felt about it. I hope that it did not create any rift between us now that you’ve found out that I am ready to leave, that I am thinking of leaving and that I want to leave. When I applied for my current job, believe me, I was hoping to grow old with the company. It even felt like a dream come true. But as they say, reality is always different from our dreams. Some of my expectations weren’t met, I am not sure if I was able to meet yours, I hope I did for the most part.

All I want is to learn, grow and earn, I think most people wants just the same. The learning part was partly fulfilled but I am not sure now how to learn more ‘cause it feels like you can’t promise any growth. I understand that our department is new and the structure is complex but how about us? The business is already one of the biggest in the world and I believe we have contributed in one way or another with its growth and stability.  We as individuals are only starting with our career path. What can you offer us to reach our full potential and be stable? I am not being selfish. I love the company. This sometimes feels like unrequited love in a corporate form.

I think you also have to understand that if you hire people with the same profile as the department currently has, you must also be able to give them the right opportunity to learn more so they can grow faster and earn the equitable amount.

You keep on saying to just go with the flow, just keep on swimming, I get your point, I am not being conceited here but I need a destination, I need to know why am I doing all these and for what? What’s the goal? You might say that I am the one who need to define my goals but even if I have goals, there is no opportunity available. I need a definite career path, a definite development plan. I’ve asked this of you a number of times. I know you’re going through circles, I am not the only one pestering you about this but it’s true. It’s a problem that if not addressed soon will ‘cause the department to fall apart. Time is running fast, we can’t just sit and wait.

I understand that you’re also in a dilemma on how to properly do this. I understand that managing people isn’t an easy task but I want you to know that for most of us, it is the reason why we want to explore options outside the company. We need definite answers, not plans that change from time to time depending on which side of the bed you woke up. Give us a reason to stay instead of spending time finding out who’ll be leaving soon.

I don’t know how you’ll stumble upon this article but I am sincerely hoping that you will be able to read this and be enlightened by it.


Best Regards,

Your Employee


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