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Why am I single?

on March 2, 2012

Why am I single?

“If I know that answer then, I might have done something about it”, that is my usual answer. I honestly don’t know why but the people around me usually gives two comments:

High standards

Most of them are saying that I’m too picky. Honestly, I don’t see myself like that or it could be I’m just denying. I don’t set standards because more often than not, they are set to fail (at least for this aspect). I’m not choosy; I’m just a bit weird on choosing. I know exactly what I don’t like but I don’t know exactly what I want. But the moment I see it, I know that’s what I’m looking for. Unlike most girls, I don’t really fall for looks or status; it could be a factor but not a critical one. I don’t want to sound airy but I was chased by the basketball super stars back in high school, the type of guys cheerleaders fall for but the one I like is the class president with a bit of nerdy vibe. I like his confidence and that he understands that even if life can go on without calculus, we still have to deal with it (see? I’m such a weirdo). He’s a pastor now and will be married soon, I guess. I fall for those whom I can have good conversations with about anything and everything under the sun, even if we don’t always have the same view on things; I can’t imagine growing old with someone whom I can’t talk to. Besides, communication is the foundation of every relationship, so if the score on this part is zero, then I guess it’s a big NO.

High Maintenance

I dated someone who had an issue with where I eat and what I wear. If you want to spend your life with me, my stilettos are part of the package. What I mean is, I’m a professional working for an MNC, so don’t expect me to wear a pair of jeans and shirt if we’re going out after office, I will still be in my office dress and high heels with my long strand of pearls as a plus. Besides, I’m not looking for someone to pay for all these because I’m willing to work, so don’t be scared. And I still love simple things, it still makes me smile.

So those are the two comments and my justification of my weird self. Well, I do keep my head, my heels and my standards high. I can’t see anything wrong with it, I just don’t want to settle for anything less, I still believe that there is someone out there who can love me more than I love my weird self.


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