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Moments that make me think of resigning

on December 17, 2011

I think of resigning when:

  1. It’s 2AM, everybody is sleeping but I still can’t go home
  2. After the above, my boss is still thinking that I haven’t done enough
  3. The word “holiday” has left my dictionary
  4. For the nth time, I can’t leave the office to go on a date even if it’s already 7:30 PM because there’s something urgent that needs to be done
  5. When process improvement means additional 3 to 5 hours of work
  6. Everytime they say “No Budget” for the necessaries
  7. I can’t take advantage of airline seat sales because of my unpredictable schedule
  8. I always miss dinner with friends ’cause I still have work to do
  9. Everytime I hear that the same job earns thrice as much abroad
  10. I have to ask permission from my boss if I can go on a date even if it’s a weekend
  11. Everything has become boring ‘cause I’m not learning anymore
  12. You realize that even if you eat fire to just get everything done, you are not getting a promotion ‘cause no one is retiring yet
  13. My boss is a total bitch
  14. I’ve become a stranger to my family, ’cause I’m always at the office
  15. There’s a post in the bulletin board saying: “No Bonus this year!”

I (want to) resign!


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