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Changing the world of fashion one girl at a time

on October 22, 2011

In celebration of the upcoming Philippine Fashion Week which is set to begin this October 23 ’til October 30, let me share with you my personal fashion rules. I’m not claiming to be a fashion expert here but I think I must say that I’m constantly labelled as the power dresser or  the office fashionista, in fact some friends told me that I’m changing the world of fashion one girl at a time because of how I inspire others to dress up. With these praises in mind, I think I could share something related to fashion in this blog.

  • Confidence is the best accessory. It’s not how beautiful your things are but how you make them beautiful.
  • Be appropriate. Nothing’s wrong with experimenting and going beyond conventional but keep in mind that for an outfit to better suit you it must be appropriate. While blouses with black laces may seem elegant I don’t think it will look good under the scorching heat of the sun by the sea shore.
  • Don’t over accessorize. Big chunky pieces must be worn moderately unless your goal is to look like a walking Christmas tree.
  • Don’t wear patterns from head to toe. Don’t scare people by making them think they’ve got cross vision.
  • Don’t always follow trends. In fact I think it’s better if you’re the one to set them.
  • Always consider the weather, not only for comforts sake, too much layers on a sunny day is an eye sore.
  • Make sure that you can give justice to what you are wearing, if you decided to wear 5 inches stuck up pumps in the mall see to it that you can really last with it.
  • Invest on classics, black trousers, jeans, white polo since these pieces doesn’t go out of fashion, it’s good to have quality pieces in your wardrobe.
  • Be creative but not too much consider the other rules I mentioned.
  • Choose prints carefully, make sure that it won’t make you look like a grandma or that it ot won’t make your outfit cheap, no one wants to look like a seat cover from the 70’s.
  • Play with colors but don’t overdo it, don’t use more than three.
  • Match the bag with the belt and of course, the shoes.
  • Know what compliments you, we can always choose what to wear to hide or flaunt the things we can’t anymore change.
  • Mix and Match, classics with a twist is always a sure winner.
  • Decide on the look you want to achieve, a hip hop shirt is a big no-no with a bohemian belt.
  •  Be Yourself 🙂

Being fashionable is not only for the sake of looking good but for me, it’s actually feeling good about yourself which gives you the strength and confidence to face the world.


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