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Success and Opportunity

on September 29, 2011

Right after college, we are all full of ideals on how to make it big in our chosen career, how to become successful. We envision ourselves as the next big thing. ‘Til we take our first step into the real world, sometimes it slowly unfolds, at times it just strucks us, or ideals are now ruined by reality. The pangs  of reality that no one can escape but everyone has to deal with.

The opportunities that we thought abound are just a few and were given to only a few. It’s like a small piece of cake thrown at a bunch of starving street kids. Some are lucky enough, to catch it while others have to wait for the next piece.

We all have the capacity to excel and we are in control of the drive we can exert to succeed but we all need the right opportunity. This isn’t a perfect world, life is unfair as a cliche goes. Finding that right opportunity is the most difficult element of success, ’cause most of the time we are not in control of it. While it’s true that it’s how we see the world, how we look at things in a different perspective and make a turn around for it to become as an opportunity, it isn’t always the case in the work place.

Managers must give the right opportunities to the right people. A comedian asked to act out a drama is more likely to fail. But then, managers are only humans, only a few of them are experienced or trained well enough to see who the right people are for every opportunity. Sadly, part of human’s nature is favoritism, a subject of complaint in most offices. Just as we all have our favorite pair of shoes, we also have favorite personas in the workplace. But as rational human beings that we are, capable of thinking and reasoning, this favoritism must not cloud our judgments, it’s unfair that someone will be deprived of something even if he deserves it.

Every company needs the right people for the job and these right people needs the right opportunity as well. It  must always be a two-way traffic but if it feels like you’re trapped in the wrong way, there’s always a way out, this doesn’t mean escaping but finding the place that’s right for you.


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