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Pilipinas, bakit ba gusto kitang iwan recently?

on August 21, 2011

Pilipinas, bakit ba gusto kitang iwan recently?

Yes, recently I’m tempted to leave the Philippines and work abroad. My primary reason is to get a better paying job, the lure of dollars is getting into me. I’m earning enough here but….I want more, I have the same amount of work anyway so going for the one that pays more is not a bad idea.

Second, I want a more convenient life, almost no traffic jam, organized bus stops, trains on time and all the other conveniences.

Third, more money means more capacity to travel around the world. I love travelling so much.

Fourth, it’s easier to gain more money to be used as capital for my future business.

Fifth, just for experience sake, I can still get a job in the Philippines anyway.

But then, everything has a cost, it would mean starting from scratch leaving everything I have here including family and friends. It’s like starting a brand new life, make or break.

I’m not sure of I’m just bored with the monotony of my life, this could just be an impulse but whichever way I take, whatever it is that I may decide on please help me God.


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