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Me, my mom and Dior

on August 21, 2011

Mom: This is the lipstick that I want (pointing at the advertisement on the Japanese magazine)

Me: Which one? Is that the Dior lipstick?

Mom: Yup, this one. I like the shade in the middle. We have it here in the Philippines, right? In Rustan’s?

Me: Yes, we do but I can’t buy you that. That’s so expensive, I remember my boss buying the same brand for his mom but that’s my boss, as in my boss, so how can I afford that one?

Mom: You can afford to buy me this, it’s expensive but you still can.

Me: It’s not reasonable for a lipstick. Too much.

Dior Addict Lipstick Spring Edition

But still, I went to Rustan’s to check it out, mom was right, it’s expensive but I can afford it. My mom is not the all glammed up type, she’s just simple and most of the time practical that’s why I was surprised to hear Dior coming from her. She knows the glamorous brands of course but she only buys those brands which are decent enough. But apart from wondering why she wanted a glamorous lipstick all of a sudden, I’m also worried with my pocket ’cause it’s me who’s going to buy it. It really is payback time, she’s the one asking me to buy things for her now. I remember all those malling times we had while I was still a kid, how I point at barbie dolls and stethoscope toys, how I convinced her to buy me my first pair Skechers, how I made her buy all those dresses and all the other fancy things. Of course, I wasn’t aware about the value of money during those times, all I know is my mom would buy it for me if she can. Honestly, I never had my heartbroken over not getting something I want in terms of material things, we’re not rich but my parents gave me what i wanted. So, this Dior lipstick, even if expensive, I’m buying it for her, it’s nothing compared to everything she bought for me not to mention all the love and caring. I don’t think I have any right to complain, after all she’s right I can afford it.


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