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One-way Ticket

on August 9, 2011

“We have seen so much films on romance that suggested such gesture is movingly sweet. And in that particular movie where the leading lady is yourself, we picture a happy ending.. Your prince came to his senses and realized your true worth in his heart and hence did everything in his power just to win you back –  whether to break through traffics, write a beautiful poem, sing a song in front of a whole lot other strangers, and say the most romantic of all lines – the point is, in that happy ending you’ll indeed happily re-meet.

But in life, we don’t get to play the leading lady all the time in all angles. We wish we could, but the truth is, and even if this hurts, we’re sometimes the supporting actress, or worse, maybe just another extra.”

– Grace be with you

It was just like one of those chick flick movies. Two extremely different personalities discovering a common ground that surprisingly connected them. Everything was a surprise, after a few engaging conversations, they became friends. ‘Til one day he asked her out, she was clueless, she thought it was just a friendly date, he just needs some company. But each time they went out, she can’t help but get curious about what’s going on, what’s the real score? Is this still friendship? ‘Cause she can’t help but notice how he makes her feel special. Her curiousity ended when he gave her flowers, something he had never done in his entire life except on that day.

She can’t deny the happiness she felt, as she looks into his eyes, they are telling the same thing. She did not expect that their friendship will lead to this, much more that she’ll be ok with it, that she’ll like it. How a few conversations led to something that feels so special.

‘Til the day that they both dreaded came, he had a plane to catch, fly off somewhere where he’ll be miles away. A chance to fall in love, a chance that both of them waited for so long vanished along the runway. They both tried to bridge the distance but as days passed by, the hope flickered.

She wanted to give up for a lot of times but everytime she reaches that point something happens, something that tells her to hold on some more and wait a little longer. “What ifs” are plenty, so plenty that it consumes her at times. She can’t help but question why does it felt like it was a little bit too right at a time that was a little bit too wrong. He came just as when she finally admitted that her heart is longing only to vanish the day she finally admitted that he is indeed someone who filled the void in her heart.

His lifelong search seems to have ended the day she smiled at him on that first date. He never thought it will feel so good, that every waking day would feel so light no matter how tiresome the day is with her around. But why does it have to be with someone who’ll soon be miles away? He wants to come back but he doesn’t know if he can make it work ’cause he will always have to leave and go back to his real home. He wants to take her with him but it’s too much to ask from her and is not sure if he’s worthy to enough for such.

Is destiny at their side or not? Will he really come back for her? Or was it a one way ticket? She doesn’t know how long can she still stand it but it is indeed a one way ticket then maybe they weren’t really meant to be together, while some good things never last, some are not even meant to start.

“If God knows we’re meant to be together, He’ll find a way to bring us closer no matter how far apart we are.”


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