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Making Progress

on August 6, 2011

Progress, the idea of becoming increasingly better.

In life, we all strive for progress. At life’s early stages, how to make progress is already predetermined for most of us. From helpless babies to toddlers entering kindergarten, we then become learning kids in grade school. Before we know it, we have become curious adolescents in high school, slowly we mature as we enter the university and eventually become adults as we exit its gates and enter the so-called real world.

Progress is often defined in stages, the ending of one is the beginning of another. So what happens after college? We get a job, from then on it’s up to us to make progress. For some it may mean promotion, or it could be gaining independence by moving out of the house, for others it’s having their own family, it could also be pursuing higher education or working abroad for greener pastures.

Making progress is my dilemma right now. I don’t want to get stuck on where I am, I want to move forward. I’ve transferred jobs, moved out of the house, went around Asia, what else should I do? get married? nah, not that I don’t want to, it’s just that I still can’t see it happening in the near future.

Right now, I am trying to choose between pursuing higher studies or working abroad. I know that those two are not really mutually exclusive but studying while working abroad is like biting more than I can chew.

If I will choose pursuing higher studies first before going abroad then, that could mean staying at my present job which is not really giving me enough time for myself, it’s so stressful. Also, it would mean that I’ll be 30 by the time I go abroad, isn’t that quite old already? Also, there is no assurance that an MBA can get me the position that I want but of course, an MBA is really an added credential that will definitely give me some edge.

If I will leave my present job and go abroad, can I survive living really alone? Living away from my own family? Will I be satisfied with the job I’m going to have? Isn’t it too risky? Is it really what am I want? Or am I just bored?

I’m in a crossroads right now, I don’t know which road to take but all I am sure of is that I want to make progress, move forward from where I am.

“Lord, I do not know which road to take, grant me the discernment, guide me to the right path. Amen.”


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