Brilliant Sunshine

It's just me, thinking out loud


on June 20, 2011

My blog has reached 29,ooo plus hits after two years of existence, I don’t know if I have any avid followers but thanks to those who spent their time reading my entries. My friends know that I have a blog but none of them knows its name, I never revealed it to anyone, I chose to write under a pseudonym, I chose to write anonymously. But why? Maybe because there is some pressure when you are aware that the people who know you personally reads your writings, they’ll discover a side of you, good or bad, that you don’t want to reveal, emotions that you don’t want to share with them, things that you want to keep to yourself but you want to immortalize through the modern way of writing in cyberspace. I cannot think of any exact reason why but I’m keeping it this way.


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