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Jellybeans- My Own version

on June 2, 2011

Because of an unknown mishap I lost my ticket somewhere inside Madame Tussauds, I had no choice but to wait for my friend as she experience the view of Hong Kong atop the Sky Terrace. It was so foggy that day, even the girl at the cashier forbid me to buy another ticket to gain access at Hong Kong’s highest viewing deck. While I was waiting for her, I checked on some shops and stumbled upon a store selling jellybeans. It was quite costly for a candy, especially for someone like me who’s not fond of candies but I didn’t hesitate, I bought one bag with all the 42 assorted flavors.

I was curious on how each flavor tastes but more than that it was the memory of an internet article I read some time ago. The article was written by Noringai, I don’t know her personally but I really liked her articles, I could relate to some and learn from some. To give you a gist of her article entitled “Kwentong Jellybeans” (it actually has parts 1 and 2), it’s about how obsessed she was on a certain guy that she failed to appreciate the other guys in her life, she used her obssession on finding the elusive chocolate pudding flavored jellybeans as a metaphor to tell her story.

Let me borrow Noringai’s metaphor in this article, let me write my own version of the jellybean story.

Chocolate pudding jellybeans, everyone loves chocolates, right? Everyone likes him for me, I used to like him as well, “used” to like him,  just like the chocolate pudding flavor, he’s simple and in my own opinion he’s a safe choice. But just like Noringai’s jellybean story, it’s elusive and when I found it, it’s disappointing, nothing so special, just like chocolate pudding he’s someone I grew up with, nothing more than that.

I got over chocoloate pudding when I realized that toasted marshmallow is better. But Toasted Marshmallow didn’t last that long, it’s easy to get over something when there’s not that much to remember.

But as it turns out Chocolate pudding and Toasted Marshmallow were not my favorites, surprisingly, it’s Strawberry Cheesecake. I am not fond of strawberries so I was really surprised when I liked it’s taste, it was unique. Just like someone, he’s unique, different from all the guys I’ve ever met and I never expected that I will like him, he’s a surprise.

Then, on my recent trip to Cebu, I found out that the brand of jellybeans I bought in Hong Kong is also available here in the Philippines but there are only 20 flavors, Chocolate pudding and Toasted Marshmallow were among them. Strawberry Cheesecake is not available, not available here in the Philippines…just like him, he’s not here..he’s somewhere else.


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