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Simply Broken Hearted

on April 15, 2011

The heart doesn’t have eyes,

But it knows how to cry.

Is not made of fragile glass,

But it breaks

Gets wounded even if physically intact

It remembers even if it has no brain

Makes a choice even if not asked

Knows no logic but decides

Falls without leaving its place

The most complicated,

But the most vital

That one thing even a genius can’t understand.

My heart is crying,

Maybe it’s breaking.

The wounds hurt,

As it remembers everything.

Asking itself why a no sense choice was made

Why did it decide to fall

With the most complicated situation

I cannot understand

Maybe I never will

But I do hope, it heals

After all…

Nobody died of a broken heart.


One response to “Simply Broken Hearted

  1. santhosh says:

    s its a fact,, no one died a broken heart

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