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Answered Prayer?!

on March 3, 2011

For my 25th birthday, I’ve finally admitted to myself and to God that I don’t want to be alone, that I want someone to spend the rest of my life with. My prayer was simple, dear Lord please give me someone whom I can spend the rest of my life with, that’s it, no specific adjectives just a plain simple prayer for I believe that God will give us that one person that we need not the one that we want. Then, out of the blue someone came, at first I thought it was just nothing, maybe he was just being nice, just plain pure friendship. But  no, it was more than that, it feels like somewhere in the middle of an ordinary life, there’s a fairy tale. He appreciates me for who I am and surprisingly he was able to see that side of me which I kept on hiding from the others, he discovered the real me, he found me. He may not be the typical guy that girls would die for but I must admit that he got me. He’s not so sweet, not the best foot forward type but he’s genuine, he speaks what’s on his mind and is very true to himself. He doesn’t hide his flaws nor his boring past. At first, I thought he was someone who doesn’t know how to care for others for as long as he doesn’t do them any harm but I was wrong, he cares, he has a good heart. So I begin asking myself and God if he’s the one, he came at the right timing, just as when I admitted that I need someone to share my life with and even without telling God all those adjectives, he qualified, I guess… He can make me listen, he doesn’t bore me, he knows how to make me feel special, he inspires me, he’s not dominating but he can handle me, he seems just right but there is one thing wrong, he’s from a different country and we’re not so sure if we can handle the complications of a long distance relationship, so we ended up agreeing not to commit on anything yet. He left a few days ago, went back home then went somewhere else again for another assignment, he’s keeping in touch but we don;t know when are we going to see each other again… I know he’s got a lot of work to do and I also need to continue doing my thing but if there’s a will there’s a way, I don’t think we should leave everything to destiny. So when are we going to see each other again??? Only God knows I think, but Dear God is he an answered prayer?


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