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on October 16, 2010

Six months ago, I found a new job at a highly reputable company but little did I know that my gain is others lost. Two weeks after start date, we flew to Singapore for a month’s training. The training had to be done overseas ’cause the job will be transferred from Singapore to the Philippines and that means replacing the people there. I didn’t expect them to be kind and accomodating ’cause had it been me in their shoes, it would be really difficult to play nice. But I prayed, I kept the faith, I didn’t ask God to make them treat us nicely but to just be fair, ’cause it wasn’t us who asked the company to move the job here. But God is really God, the people there were all nice, accomodating even friendly. In a short span of time, i can say that we made friends with them. Aside from the countless knowledge transfer sessions, we also shared quite a few laughs and experiences. They shared with us a part of themselves as people as we also did the same. When they went here to continue with the transition, we even took them to a tour, they truly deserve no less than a warm welcome.

I'll miss you

Yesterday, they finally said goodbye to the company, they signed-off and sent us their goodbye letters that nearly made us cry. A part of me is guilty, I know that they built strong friendships in the workplace for years, it must really be hard to part ways with people whom you see everyday, who has been a part of your life for how many years already, had it been not for us they need not to say goodbye. But life goes on, for us that is to continue in maintaining and even upgrading the group’s reputation now that we are 100% responsible for it, for them to find another place where they can once agin start building their careers. I am hoping that as we all move on through life, we wouldn’t forget the happy memories, the challenges and the friendship. I am really hoping to see them again and maintain being friends with them. After all, they made my first taste of working abroad and working with different nationalities a very enjoyable experience.

To all of you, you may not read this but I am really deeply thankful. How I wish it’s possible for us to really work together. Again, thank you and the best of luck on all your future endeavors. Have a happy life 🙂

Dear Lord, thank you for giving us the chance to work with each other and get to know each other. I know that it was hard for them to leave their jobs and the people who are already like family to them but we are putting our trust in you that you’ll guide us. Help them find their new paths and help us in successfully continuing whatever they started. Thank you Lord for all the opportunities. Amen.


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