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Unpaired Arrows

on September 22, 2010

If it’s true that Cupid shoots arrows at the hearts of people falling in love, I’ve got a few questions.

Does he have a list of who it is to shoot?

If there is, is that list cruel enough to list down two persons to fall in love with the same one?

Are there methods how the arrows must be shot?

I wonder why people fall in love in different depths, does it have anything to do with how deep the arrow went?

Lastly, do those arrows come in pairs? Are they supposed to? or not?

Most if not all of us, had suffered unrequited love at some point in our lives, so that lead me to the question if Cupid’s arrows come in pairs, ’cause I bet, they don’t. I’m not saying that Cupid is cruel, ‘though I can’t help but ask why.


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