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Love is truth, Love is reality

on September 22, 2010

“This article remained in my Drafts since last February, I don’t know why I wasn’t able to finish it but I am publishing it now not because I still feel the same, it actually feels weird, it’s like the one who wrote this is a stranger but rather because as I read it, I felt the outpour of the feelings while it was being written…”

Love is truth,
Love is reality.
I am me, you are you.

Maybe they were right, after all, it’s always been you. But things are not the same anymore, life has become a lot more complicated or maybe I should say that I’m the one complicating it. It’s been a while since you kept in touch, surprisingly, I miss you.

But even if they were right, it doesn’t mean that we’ll finally give in to what most of them has been wishing for years, let’s just remain on where we are standing. After all, this is what you like, I guess. I can’t blame you, I totally understand but we both know that you are not left with no choice, you can do something, it’s either you just choose not to or you’re just waiting.


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