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Bitter Gourd

on September 4, 2010

Alone in the weekends, stuck in front of the laptop, watching movies and drama series, facebooking for hours… weekends like these are really boring when what you really want is to go out, have fun, go to places you’ve never been to, eat out and experience different cuisines. I can go to places and eat out, I’m not rich but I have the money to do all those activities in moderation but I cannot, ’cause I’m alone. I know it’s still possible to do all those things even when you’re alone but it just feels so stupid and pathetic. I used to think I’ve got friends, lots of friends, it’s still true, it’s just that they are not here anymore, some went to their hometown, other’s schedules doesn’t fit mine while others are so busy with their love life. It really feels like I’m so alone, it’s depressing when you’re just almost beginning you’re life but you’re experiencing this. It feels like I must have done a really big sin or committed a murder in my past life to experience this. I go out once in a while with my mom or my little sister but then…I have to pay for everything… it feels like I have to buy someone else’s company…so sad…

When will this end? Am I being so bitter with life?


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