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Only You (One more time)

on August 21, 2010

I’ve never watched any Koreanovela more than once, simply because I don’t have the luxury of time to do so. But just last monday, I began watching “Only You” again. When it was first aired here in the Philippines, I think around 2006, I was about to graduate from college, so needless to say I was extremely busy with school work. I was still able to watch most of the episodes but not all, I wasn’t actually able to watch the beginning. So last year, I bought a DVD but then, my laptop is rejecting it, so I really need a dvd player to watch it, thank God that for the week that has passed I was able to watch it.

Only You is truly a favorite of mine, it’s special for me ’cause when I was in high school, I remember writing down a story of almost the same plot, not exactly the same of course but it’s really quite similar, my story’s setting is New York and Manila not Seoul and Italy. And of course, how can you not love such a drama when you have this really handsome actor, Jo Hyun Jae.

It’s a typical Koreanovela, a formula series, by some twist of fate a rich guy with internal conflicts falls in love with a poor girl who despite of life’s hardships has a very loving family, conflicted by a friend silently loving the other for almost a lifetime. What made the situation in this drama quite different is the presence of a love child and a business conflict. Since I’m from the Philippines, I’ll use their english names. As the title “Only You” suggests, TJ needs only one person to complete his life, Jilian. He needs her to preserve the restaurant (his mother’s only legacy to them) and of course, he needs to be with her, ’cause he’s crazy head over heels in love with her. All throughout I was pitying Jilian, she has to go through life’s hardships alone for six years because of one fateful night in Italy. She wasn’t able to fulfill her dreams of going to cooking school and she has to raise a child on her own. When she finally met TJ again, she discovered that he’s a millionaire which could only mean one thing, they can’t be together. But of course, what’s love if it can’t change a thing. TJ truly loves her and will fight for her but he’s torn between his one and only love and his family. He also has to win the heart of his son, Joshua who grew up with Jonathan as a father figure. Jonathan is the one who’s heart was really shattered, he gave all his life to Jilian but didn’t get anything in return. While watching the series, I hated him not because he’s evil ’cause he’s really not but rather it’s because he’s too kind like it’s not normal anymore.

From Episode 14 onwards, I found myself crying sadly, TJ’s not beside me to wipe my tears unlike Jilian. The situation was really complex, it’s like no one can be happy.  TJ was pleading his family and Trixie to just let him go and be happy with Jilian and Joshua but they just don’t want him to because of social standards. TJ is willing to give up everything but for Jilian it’s feels like being the bad guy, taking TJ away from his family. So she agreed with TJ’s father to leave after saving the restaurant but things changed when she saw TJ and Joshua getting along very well and Joshua finally accepted him as his dad. It really was a tear jerker, when TJ’s sister told him about the building and he didn’t beleve not even a single thing of what his sister said and when Jilian went to TJ’s father and told him that she can sacrifice her own happiness but not his son’s, taking TJ away from Joshua for six years was already so painful that she can’t afford to take away Joshua’s dad from him for a lifetime. Tears flowed some more when TJ admitted to Jilian that he knew his father will send them away, that’s why he did all he has to do to show Jilian and Joshua all his love.

To end this article, here are some of the lines that really touched my heart:

“I can be ashamed to the whole world but I’ll never be ashamed with you.” – Jilian

“If two people remained just as friends for sixteen years…that’s all they will ever be.” – TJ

“I give you my heart, you refused it. I’m giving you money, you’re also refusing it. What do you want me to do? You made me fall in love with you, so tell me what shall I do to make you fall for me” – TJ

“I didn’t tell you ’cause I wasn’t sure about your feelings, whether or not I’m just a one night stand or what…You opened up to him thinking he was somebody else’s son but now that you know that he’s yours you’re refusing it because you’re afraid you can’t be a father to him?…Just tell me if Joshua is a burden to you. Me and Joshua lived for six years without you, not rich but we lived happily. We can continue living without you.” – Jilian 

“Raising him alone for six years must have really been so difficult, but you don’t have to do it alone anymore, I’ll be beside you from now on.” – TJ

“If it pains you that much…don’t leave” – Jonathan

“Think of what really makes you and Joshua happy.” – Jonathan

“I don’t care even if your family ask for a building or something bigger than a building, I’ll give it to them maybe that way I can make up for the six years that they took care of you and Joshua.” – TJ

“I love you, Jilian. Whether with or without a son, I love you. Even if I’m the father or not.” – TJ

I know this article is a little too late, the hype has died, this drama was shown around 2005 to 2006 but I just felt so happy watching it again plus the fact that Jo Hyun Jae is back from his military service, I wonder what his next project will be. I only have two crushes from Korea (not that I have a lot) Lee Min Ho and Jo Hyun Jae, obviously Jo Hyun Jae is the first.


2 responses to “Only You (One more time)

  1. mamae says:

    i haven’t watched this drama yet, but i agree with u on one thing, i also have a huge crush on lee min ho.

  2. Cristina says:

    I am currently watching the DVD on 49 days (Pure Love) and I had the feeling that the lead guy looked familiar and that I’ve seen him before. Now that I’ve seen this post, it makes sense because I watched “Only You” previously. However, HJH looks different in both movies, that’s why it didn’t click at once. Besides, I watched the Tagalog version, so I’m not aware of the characters’ real names. But deep inside, I had the feeling. He’s so gorgeous!

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