Brilliant Sunshine

It's just me, thinking out loud

When boredom strikes…

on March 29, 2010

I’m bored beyond my wits today, I want to write but I can’t think of anything to write. So here I am, about to type some bits and pieces which I hope I can use in the future for any of my writings…

“It’s the intensity of the situation that brought us closer than ever despite of the very short passage of time that we spent together.”

“I look at him, then I asked myself, what is it that I see in you? that today I still couldn’t fathom the reason why I can’t forget you.”

“There is only one person I ever loved but I fell in love more than once.”

“Once someone becomes a part of your life, you can’t anymore change that, for they remain even if you don’t want them to.”

“A man is made up by the series of experiences he has to go through.”

“…It doesn’t mean that you love God any less”

“We’re okay, we’re fine, nothing can change that but we both know that, that’s it, we can’t be together for some reason we couldn’t name, yet we mutually understand.”

“They say, it’s when the mind agrees with the heart.”

“You can never be happy for as long as you’re using others lives as a yardstick. Make your own path to travel and please don’t pattern it with somebody else’s.”

“I’ve already accepted that while most people think I’ve got the best of everything, there is one thing I’ll never have, that’s you.”

“Most people stick around not because they love you for being you but rather they are after in what they can get from being associated with you.”

“The more blessed you become, the more you should be kind to others, in that way you can give back your blessings.”

“Some people’s action doesn’t coincide with what they’re actually saying.”

“I hate it when you look at me as if trying to tell me that you want me, when I know that those eyes belongs to the one who broke my heart twice.”

“I want to spend my lifetime with you, I know you’ll let me but they won’t.”

“You are in my dreams, the more I run and hide, the more I see you.”

“Most of the time, we look for sparks but more often than not we can’t find any.”

“Life is still fair, the one whom you feel the spark doesn’t feel any towards you but how about those who felt the spark towards you but you can’t feel any?”

“We’re living life each day, but why can’t we still find it’s meaning?”

“Once upon a time, we were all young and stupid.”

“Just because you didn’t turn out the way people were expecting you to be, it doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped being your friend.”

“You don’t have to shut us out and confine yourself in your bubble just because you’re sad and you think you’re miserable. Open up, unload it, it helps.”


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