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Heart in Trouble

on March 23, 2010

Nobody died of a broken heart but how to survive it, no one knows exactly how. There are no steps to follow, no clear cut procedures on how and when to begin, and most especially there are no over-the-counter medicines available.

How do you heal a broken heart? How would you feel if the guy you like falls for your closest friend? It’s not easy to see them, especially him running after her. It’s also not easy to see how your friend guards her movements because she’s thinking of your feelings. It’s not easy to feel everybody’s eyes looking at you on how you would react with the situation, despite knowing that these same people are the ones who can understand and are more than willing to support and comfort you. It wasn’t your fault, neither your friend’s, nor the guy involved. As they say, the reason it’s called “falling in love” is because you didn’t really intend to feel it, you just fall, nobody wanted to fall intentionally, unless your committing suicide. You want your friend to be happy, happiness that both of you deserves. You don’t know if she also feels the same towards the guy and just preventing it to save your friendship, depriving herself of her own happiness in the process. It’s hard, you are her friend and you want to be there for her, you want to remain to be the closest to her side, to share the beautiful moments of being in love for the first time but how about your own feelings. You don’t want to be selfish but neither would you want to be a masochist. How would one do it? Is it possible? To be her friend while trying to heal your broken heart?

I don’t know how to answer these questions, I’m not the one who’s broken hearted today but I’ve been there, I think and here I am alive and well. So I guess, no matter how complicated things are, you just have to accept it, their feelings are beyond your control, as I said nobody died of a broken heart.

Whoever you are, I know you’ll survive and if you still need to do some crying, just let me know, my shoulders are available but please bring your own hanky 🙂

….One day you’ll look back and everything will be a blur and you’ll find yourself smiling at your old dumb self.


One response to “Heart in Trouble

  1. Caz says:

    I have recently had my heart broken and it really is the worst pain, as nothing makes it go away. So many constant reminders of the guy and nothing to make it all disappear. I have used my blog in quite a few posts to try and vent some of my sadness.

    Its crazy because at times you think your fine and on the mend, then something hits you when you least expect it and your back to where you started from.

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