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So am I Izzie 2.0?

on March 17, 2010

Izzie walks into the door, everybody was looks at her wearing a questioning face, everybody was doubting her capacity to be a surgeon, why? because she’s a blonde, a beautiful blonde, probably too beatiful to wear scrubs and hold a scalpel. That’s her biggest challenge, to prove herself that she is worthy to be inside the OR and save lives.

It’s too unfair to be judged whether through your physical attributes or not. It’s not Izzie’s fault to be a beautiful blonde, God made her that way.

This might be my most conceited post ever but its how I feel, this is my blog so I’ll post what I want.

I’m not blonde, taller than an average Filipina but not a 6 footer, unlike Izzie I never was a model. But I can relate to how she felt during Season 1 of Grey’s Anatomy.

My immediate superior asked me yesterday, “do you know how to use Microsoft Excel”? I was beyond shocked, of course, I know how to use Microsoft Excel probably since elementary or early high school. I can do more than MS Excel, I used to win in interschool competitions for computer quiz bees and even programming. I’ve dealt with more than enough worksheets while auditing and FYI my personal budget monitoring is in MS excel, complete with all the formulas even those using the logic formulas. I’ve got two certifications under my belt and I’m only 24, I’m not a dinosaur, so how would you think that I can’t do MS Excel. It is most probably the greatest insult of my life. I’ve heard it once, I’m too beautiful to be here, so, is that the reason why? They think that since I’m too beautiful to be here I might be brainless? Maybe I am really “too” beautiful in their judgement but that doesn’t mean I’m like those dumb blondes, that they’ll automatically think that there is nothing between my ears, maybe just for them to feel that life is still fair, after all. Just in case, they missed the memo, “Life isn’t fair”, there are endagered beings like us who are born this way while others like them are “just” born.

I’m sorry for sounding so full of myself.


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