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Weird Dreams

on March 12, 2010

Having weird dreams is normal for me. I dreamt about reincarnation, me living in some other space and time and coming back to the present with that knowledge. My dreams are usually filled with roads, staircases and people from the past, as time passes by I think I have learned decoding the messages in the process. I’ve seen weird places, slanting walls, torns, strange beings as guards, I even had a series of dreams, they continue every night. Am I a paranormal? Or it’s just that my imagination runs so wild? Are my dreams just a manifestation of what I want or predict would happen?

Lately, I’ve dreamed of an airplane that can’t take off, I guess it’s a premonition of the cancelled HongKong trip. I’ve dreamed of my friend whom I am supposed to be travelling with carrying luggages and she can’t find a way out, I guess it still has to do with the trip. These weird dreams happened before I found out that she has a big problem.

I’ve also seen someone getting married with me in tow, I mean he is marrying the girl whom I suppose is his girlfriend but he is holding my hand while with her and even attempted to kiss me. I got mad of course, “You don’t get to marry someone else and kiss me.” I don’t know why I dreamed about this, I haven’t seen neither talked to the guy for months. Then, just now, I found out that he already has a girlfriend.

I don’t know why I dreamed all of these, is God unfolding what will happen in the immediate future through this?


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