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It can’t be perfect

on February 22, 2010

“Bakit kasi hindi na lang kayo?”

This is what we often heard from the people around us.

“Bakit nga ba?”

We can’t be ’cause it will be too good to be true.

We met at the right time
At the right place
We complement
We’ve got chemistry
‘Though we have our own differences
And we bicker most of the time
Yet despite of everything
There’s a spark
‘Though we deny
We’re both very well aware of connection

“Bakit kasi hindi na lang kayo?”
“Bakit kasi hindi na lang tayo?”

We both know the answer to this question
An answer which we cannot possibly put into words
Yet we both understand why
At first, I wasn’t able to
But later on, I got the point
Now that I see a wider and more realistic view
It dawned on me
Why there never was “us” since day one

It could’ve been a lot more possible before
Easier, lesser conflicts and boundaries
But you are wiser to know
Why can’t it be?

It could’ve been perfect
Everything was right
A match made in heaven
It follows the pattern that everyone agrees
But then…
Only fairy tales are perfect
Nothing’s perfect if it’s for real
And the only flaw in our story to make it realistic,
It’s just a “could’ve been”
Forever frozen in that state


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