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Predicting the Future

on January 14, 2010

The New Year has just begun and Chinese New Year is fast approaching. As expected, predictions and fortune tellings will soon abound everywhere. I also browse the net and watch talk shows to listen to the predictions for the year ahead but honestly, it doesn’t really get into my head.

2006 was a make or break year for me, I was scheduled to graduate in college and take the board exams. So I really was interested on the predictions for those born under the Ox sign. 2006 was a year of the dog and most if not all the websites, fortune tellers and astrologers are saying that it wouldn’t be a great year for people born under my animal sign. I got a bit nervous the first time I heard of that not-so-good prediction but then again I realize, I’m not the only one born under the sign of the Ox who’s scheduled to graduate and take the board exams, most of my batchmates are, does that mean that we’ll defer graduation or fail the board exam? Of course not. Those people who can predict the future may be great but they can’t affect us.

As it turns out, I graduated as scheduled and passed the board exams on the same year, I was also gainfully employed before celebrating my 21st birthday, who says I’ll be unlucky? Maybe, yah right, I’m not lucky ’cause I’m blessed.

Predictions and fortune telling has become a part of our lives since the ancient times but then, there are greater powers, the powers that we possess and the Divine Intervention of God Almighty.

If it is predicted that we’ll be lucky for the year ahead then, let’s thank God and pray for it to come true. If not, then let’s pray for God’s guidance and protection. No matter what, let’s work hard and keep the faith, after all no one gets to achieve something great by sheer luck.

A Blessed year to all 🙂


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