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The sign is there are no signs

on December 10, 2009

“Amen I say to you, no sign will be given to this generation.”
-Mark 8:12

If you believe, there is no need for a sign. If you do not believe no sign will ever convince you.

During college, me and my friends often visit the guidance counselor’s office for the fishbowl containing rolled small pieces of paper where either verses, quotes or advices were written. Now that I’m working, I still get those litlle pieces of advice each time I go to Greenbelt Chapel. Oftentimes, as I walk towards the chapel, I pray that God will use those small writings in paper to give me a sign. Last week, I went to the chapel again and did my ritual of asking for signs, surprisingly what I got were those italicized words written above. I smiled upon reading it, ’cause more often than not I get confused about what God’s message to me is.

We ask signs not because we lack faith but because we strongly believe in His existence and we want God to actually speak to us using a certain medium, for us to avoid confusion and misinterpretations but God made man so intelligent that we can choose how to interpret the “signs” that he sent us. Being the rational humans that we are, capable of logic and reasoning, we formulate our own ways of deciphering God’s message. Our interpretations, depends on our perspectives, our beliefs, what we want to happen, so it is not anymore surprising that a specific event can actually be given millions of different meanings.

Going back to the italicized words above, it is indeed true, if we believe, if we have faith in Him that He will never leave us, if we trust His wisdom that He is letting things happen because there is a great purpose behind it, we don’t really need signs. For signs are subject to the inadequacies and imperfections of human judgment. If the sign will reveal itself in exact opposite of what our hearts truly desire we use our mind to interpret it in a way it will be in accordance to what we want. The same God whom we are asking for signs is also the same God who gifted us with wisdom for us to know and decide on things, praying for His guidance and acting while believing that He will stand by us no matter what, is what God actually wants us to do, to keep on having and strengthening our faith in Him.


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