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Christmas Time

on December 7, 2009

Merry Christmas

Time flies, it’s now Christmas, my favorite time of the day year. I love the cold Christmas weather here in the Philippines, it feels like Forks every morning, the wind brings a different kind of chill, the coldness of the air gives a distinct feel that can only be felt during Christmas. I love puto bumbong and bibingka, just the mere smell makes my mouth water. Everyone seems to be in a good mood, everyone is excited, reconciliations abound, reunions are left and right, everyone has a reason to celebrate. The streets are brightly lit with parols and twinkling Christmas lights plus, the singing of Christmas carols by children. Gift giving and parties are also non-stop, weekend shopping sprees and a whole lot more.

But let us not forget the true essence of the celebration, Christmas Day is about how God gave us His only begotten son, Jesus Christ.

“Merry Christmas”

“Lord, as we celebrate this joyous occassion, help us not lose it’s real meaning, help us not to be blinded by consumerism. May those who are less fortunate, especially the victims of Ondoy and Pepeng still find a reason to celebrate despite of what happened. Amen.”


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