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BOF Tagalized- Boys Over Flowers Tidbits (Part 6)

on July 23, 2009


Boys Over Flowers, my favorite Korean Drama is aired here in the Philippines by ABS-CBN everyday at around 5:30 PM in its tagalized version. But since I work from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, I don’t get to watch the show. Thanks to youtube because I get to download the episodes and watch them later on. It’s easier to watch since I don’t have to read the subtitles, I can just listen to Jan Di and Jun Pyo and understand them. ABS-CBN’s dubbing is good, the voices used to dub Jan Di and Jun Pyo fits their characters. However, there are some lines which I think weren’t translated well. Right now, I think they are currently airing episode 18 but I’ve already noticed a few translations which are quite different from what I read on the english subtitles. Let me share with you the scenes which I found to have a slight difference in terms of translation.

1. When F3 met Jan Di at the bridge in Macau after talking to Jun Pyo, Jan Di told them that she already knows that he doesn’t want to talk to her. In the subtitles it reads something like “I came here to hear it from him no matter how painful it is” but in the tagalized version it was something like “‘wag na kayong masyadong magalala dahil kung ano man yun, narining ko na yun mismo kay Gu Jun Pyo”, “don’t worry, whatever it might be I already heard it from Gu Jun Pyo himself”, it’s quite different right? I prefer the one I read from the english subs, it’s more fitting to Geum Jan Di’s character and besides it’s more consistent ’cause ‘though she and Jun Pyo already saw each other there at Macau, they haven’t talked to each other yet.

2. I’m not convinced with how they translated Ji Hoo’s sentiments when he was asking Jan Di about her plans now that Jun Pyo refuses to meet up with them because of his too tight schedule. I’m not also sure if they edited the rewind part when it was shown that Jan Di went to Ji Hoo first before going to the airport to fly to Macau.

3. The part where Jan Di and Ji Hoo went to the temple after their double date with Jae Kyung and Jun Pyo, the old man told Ji Hoo “Magiging pamilya kayo”, “you’ll be a family” referring to Jan Di. In the english subs, it goes something like, “She will bring you family”. Of course, I prefer the english sub since it opens two possible events, one the old man could mean that they are meant for each other or it could also be that it will be Jan Di who will bring back Ji Hoo’s grandfather, as we all know he is the only family that Ji Hoo has.

As of now, I only noticed three to enumerate, I don’t know if there are still others that escaped my scrutiny or if there will be others to come. Hopefully, this list will end here.

But still, I love ABS-CBN, their dubbing is still better, they are also good in promoting their shows, they have a good taste in choosing what asianovelas to export and they are good in stirring up the hype. 🙂


One response to “BOF Tagalized- Boys Over Flowers Tidbits (Part 6)

  1. sarah mae says:

    I really love watching the Boys over Flower, because the story was great.
    And I’m happy to see the cast of BoF because they are all good and great actor and actreses. especially Jun Pyo and Jan Di, their love story was very romantic and I can say that their story is very unique..
    All I can say is that I’m youre fans…..
    God bless to the Boys OvER fLOWERS………….

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