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My Blog, My World

on July 8, 2009

I’ve created this blog as a venue to share whatever it is that I am thinking or feeling, I don’t owe anybody any explanation, for this little island in cyberspace is something I can call my own.

Some posts here are intended for specific people, ‘though I know that the chances that they’ll bump into this blog in the worldwide web is remote. I just thought that it’s better to just put down into writing blogs whatever it is that I feel towards them rather than keep all the negative energy that they are causing me to myself.

I am not posting stuffs here to impress people but neither do I want them to hate me. I’m not claiming to be a writing genius as you can read in my about page, as I’ve said I’m more adept with numbers. I’ve never said that I’m rich as compared to anybody neither did I call myself successful.

To those who posted comments, especially on my “Boys Over Flowers Tidbits” entries, thank you. To those whose comments were not approved, “Live and let live” but still thanks for the comment, ‘though I feel sorry for the kilobytes of cyberspace you’ve wasted.

We all see the world in different views, all we need to do is to respect how others view it for we don’t have any idea what they are going through with their lives and how they are living their life.

*Today, I can’t help but think that one of the persons whom a specific entry in this blog was written for has finally read it.


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