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My Life’s Ji Hoo – Boys Over Flowers Tidbits (Part 4)

on July 1, 2009


I am obviously a Jun Pyo fan but I never hated Ji Hoo. In fact, I love the unselfishness of his heart, how good a friend he is to both Jan Di and Jun Pyo. How willing he is to sacrifice his own happiness for the sake of his friends.

I am not in distress as often as Jan Di is but upon watching Boys Over Flowers I remembered two incidents in my life when I felt like I’m so confused and messed up but there was someone who unexpectedly made his presence felt once again after a very long time and somehow saved me from whatever it is that I was going through those times.

I was hospitalized during the week of my first pre-board exam because of dengue hemorraghic fever. I was on my recovery stage from the illness but I was already studying to cover up for the time lost. I can feel all the pressure, it feels like everybody is expecting too much from me and it feels like being in bed for two weeks costed me a quarter of a year of study time. I was about to cry, I’m beginning to ask God if this is really for me. For a BS Accountancy graduate getting your diploma isn’t the end of the race it’s just a sign that you’re about to approach the final lap for many have accounting degrees but only a few are CPAs, as they say. But before my first teardrop fell, my phone rang, I received a message from a person whom I haven’t communicated with for such a long time, my life’s own version of Ji Hoo, you.

It seems like, you heard the emergency bell and immediately came to rescue me. Your words were comforting bringing back the strong faith that I had some days ago. I regained my faith, God won’t allow me to go this far only to tell me that this race is not for me when it’s about to end, He won’t take me this far just to break my heart. You were right, God really intended me to pass my precious board exam.

Some months ago, the emergency bell rang once again and surprisingly you again came on time. I know you have you’re own dilemmas and I feel bad that it seems like I can’t do anything to help you get through it, unlike Jan Di who brought back Ji Hoo’s grandfather to his life. You offered help but I refused, I ditched you, I know you felt bad ’cause you really exerted effort to help me out. Once in your life you were in the same situation so you know how it feels and now that you recovered from it, you might probably be the best person to help. Despite of me ditching you that day, I didn’t really abandon your help after all, I followed your advice in my own way as dictated by my faith and I have to thank you that right now ‘though things are still not that clear, I know that there is light to guide me.

I don’t know why you are always on time, I can’t find any explanation for that, maybe it’s destiny’s way of saying that ‘though I’ve let go of you as my first love, you’ll always be special. Yes, you are my first love, I believe, just like Jan Di towards Ji Hoo but unlike her I have yet to find my life’s version of Jun Pyo. But ‘though I haven’t find my Jun Pyo yet, I’ve let you go long time ago. I’m not sure if I am in any way even just once had a romantic place in your heart, maybe yes maybe no but I believe that once in our lives there is a special bond of love that we’re going to have and it doesn’t necessarily mean to be romantic love, it could be friendship and I’m glad that in my life it’s you, my own Ji Hoo.

* I know I shouldn’t include this in the BOF Tidbits series for it’s more of a personal matter rather than my fascination about the series, it’s just that I don’t think I’ll realize who he is in my life had I not watch BOF.


3 responses to “My Life’s Ji Hoo – Boys Over Flowers Tidbits (Part 4)

  1. wena says:

    hey,i read some of your story uh,,,its very nice and i cannot imagine also like this…..i love it watching a BOF….
    can we be friendsmate,,my email
    email me as your friend…i want to be friend with you…i am from

  2. wena says:

    I have a picture on you i have to posted in my bed…..

  3. gail ferer says:

    hallo how are you
    my name is gail…..
    reaply pleas……………………………….

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