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That’s not my name

on June 28, 2009

I received an email two weeks ago telling me to check on my employee records since our HR department are doing updates, so I did. As I opened my file, my name was once again mispelled. My name isn’t really a tongue twister, ‘though service crews from Starbucks usually mispell it but it’s ok, names written on plastic cups aren’t really official. But to see my name mispelled on official records such as my employee record really pissed me off. It wasn’t the first time in this office that someone of higher authority in the office mispelled my name but I’ve corrected it for a million times already, so I guess I have every reason to feel bad about it besides these documents and records are quite serious and could possibly give rise to conflicts in the future.

So I told my friend about my mispelled name and these are the words she said, “Mas maganda nga ang Y sa I kasi sa scrabble ang Y 4 ang I 1 lang”. Funny, right? But you can’t imagine how livid I was. The hell I care about the scrabble scoring, we’re not playing…It’s still not me.

That’s not my name.


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