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Illogical – Boys Over Flowers Tidbits (Part 2)

on June 11, 2009


After writing about my favorite BOF scenes let me write about the negative side of the series. Come on, let’s face it, there is no such thing as perfect, no matter how much you like something it can’t be denied that it has flaws.

First, the songs used were great, in fact I downloaded it ‘though I really don’t understand the Korean language at all, thanks to SOEul love at you tube ’cause his/her uploaded videos contains english subtitles for some of the songs. The down side is, the timing on which the songs were played, the appropriateness and the over usage. There were some episodes where the song “Almost Paradise” was overused, that includes playing the song during a fight scene.

Next, the abuse of the F3 super hero thing. I know, the plot needs that ingredient but it was abused. Like when F3 came to save Jan Di and Jun Pyo from Jae He’s group.

Third, I don’t hate Jan Di but I think it could’ve been better if her character is not stupid, Meteor Garden’s Shan Cai is smart. I think that’s better.

I also can’t understand why Yi Jung keeps on saying that Ga-Eul isn’t pretty when obviously she really is.


Also, I think they missed some details like allowing Jan Di to use the same shoes with broken heels when they are about to go home. If she can’t barely walk with them the night before then how is it possible for her to use the same pair the morning after. Another thing is Jan Di’s gift which she left at Ji Hoo’s car, when you go on a birthday party you’re supposed to bring the gift with you, right? I can’t remember seeing her carrying the paper bag when she went to the party. Another one is when Jae Kyung arrived at the Macau airport and found the box of shoes that was supposed to be for Jan Di. If you can recall, according to Jae Kyung’s parents she went to Hong Kong, as we know Hong Kong is just a ferry away from Macau so why is she on the aiport? Also, at New Caledonia when Jun Pyo followed Ji Hoo in a kayak. He can’t swim right? and he threw his paddle? How was he able to go back? Also, of all the sweet gestures of Jun Pyo I find him putting all those salt scrubs and soaps on the pool the most illogical. We’ve seen him splurge over fancy things but the pool thing isn’t convincing.

As with the acting, the Geum family were a bit OA at some parts especially Daddy Geum. Also, for the first few episodes there were times when Jan Di was OA.

Last, there are certain plotlines that I don’t buy. First, Jun Pyo becoming a Managing Director for ShinHwa Group immediately after finishing high school. Of course, he’s the heir and the blood of being a businessman runs in his blood but such a thing can’t happen over night. I mean, he could’ve undergone training for the past six months that he didn’t contact Jan Di and F3 and Madam Kang remains as chairman but still to undertake a major project overseas is no joke, even a fresh latin honor graduate of a premiere business school will find a hard time and here Jun Pyo is a high schooler. Oh well, the plot needs it but it could’ve been presented in a more convincing way like handling a small subsidiary as training. Another one is the selective amnesia thing, ok the plot needs it and I think it’s also in the original HanaDan (I haven’t watched the original). While watching, I first thought that he could be faking it, it could be his way of letting go Jan Di and giving Ji Hoo a chance since he feels like he caused her too much pain, I think this could’ve been a better thing, no offense. I also don’t buy the Yumi thing, I don’t know I just hate her, it would’ve been better if it was Jae Kyung. Also, the Grandpa thing, they should’ve made it clear what’s behind the guilt of Grandpa that he left Ji Hoo alone. Also, I know how desperate they were to give Woo Bin his own subplot but the bridge scene seems like a waste of time, it was forced there is no flow of logic. I can’t see the point why Woo Bin is ashamed because aside from his Mafia connection, he is the heir of their real estate company. As with Yi Jung’s mother, they should’ve made it clear what happened to her. Jan Di’s tantrums when she was embarassed that Ji Hoo saw her in the comfort room her ’cause she forgot to lock the doors, it was overacting. The need for both Ji Hoo and Jan Di to lose their wallets just for Ji Hoo to perform, they could’ve done it better.

Oh well, no matter how imperfect BOF is, there’s a story in it’s core that touched the hearts of many and that includes me. Things like these are supposed to entertain us, so why should we be bothered by the flaws, right? Let’s just take it as it is and enjoy after all we can’t deny that it made us laugh, cry and even fall in love. The series was undeniably a success if ratings are to be used as basis. Let me borrow a quote from an anonymous author, “You cannot argue with success as there is no accounting for taste.”



2 responses to “Illogical – Boys Over Flowers Tidbits (Part 2)

  1. eliterinkers says:

    Sorry for editing this post for quite a few times.

  2. danixa esther garcia gonzales says:

    hello I love you and Jiho leeminho are cute love them

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