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More than Shopping Bags and Luggages

on June 7, 2009

I love to shop and travel, all the people around me knows that. But only a few of them knows that I’m more than shopping bags and luggages. I want to do something to make others happy. Believe it or not, I want to have a scholarship foundation. If in the future I’ll have the capacity to buy a 3-million peso worth of Hermes Birkin bag, I won’t choose to spend my money there but instead I’ll just send people to school. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against people who are spending that much on luxury items, it’s just that it’s too much for me. Most of my friends might disagree with me because I always go for things which are quite expensive for my status but to set the record straight I’m not really after the brands I just want quality and comfort and durability. I know I splurge at times but there is a threshold for that, a million worth of bag is too much, for example.

I believe in the power of education ‘though we can argue that there are a lot of successful people who were able to make it despite of not being able to finish schooling. But in this world where the competition is tough and people are measuring you based on what you achieve, to have a good education and a degree under your belt is one powerful weapon.

This is really one part of me that I kept secret but I really have a soft spot in my heart for this. I always get teary eyed each time I hear stories of people who are deserving yet were not privilege to go to school. My eyes also mist hearing success stories of people who had to go through a lot just to finish school. I don’t know why I’m easily touched by stories like these, all i know is that since childhood I was thought the value of education. I was a very good student, i can’t sleep if I haven’t done my homework and on the top of that I help my siblings, cousins and friends in their studies whenever there is a need to do so. I think that is one good thing to begin with since my savings are not even enough for me as of now.

Maybe, I’m saying these things because right now my financial status doesn’t permit me to indulge on luxuries but in the future if I’ll be blessed to have more than what I should, I would really do my best to achieve my greatest dream. For I strongly believe that to whom much is given much is expected in return and this will be one of the many ways to give back what the kindness of life brought us. I’m praying that when the day comes that I can make this great dream possible, I still hasn’t change.


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