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Wasted Effort???

on June 1, 2009


I am on a diet, I’m eating oatmeal for breakfast, half cup of rice for lunch and no rice for dinner, I also don’t eat in between meals. I guess I can now feel the results ’cause about two weeks ago I was weighing 58 kilos, last Wednesday I weighed 55 kilos, it was a success right? or it could also be that our weighing scale at home is not working well. My stomach is about to get used to my new eating habit which is really good for me ’cause I have this tummy trouble each time I go on a diet, I’m experiencing severe pains which eventually leads me to surrender and go back to my normal eating. But as I was sticking to my diet for even better results the weekend came and all my efforts were wasted (I think). I ate a huge slice of stuffed pizza from Sbarro and a quarter serving of pasta plus I also ate 1 whole cup of rice for dinner. Maybe it isn’t really that much, I know I’m not really that fat my only problem is my tummy ’cause it’s as if all the fats got stuck there but it’s like losing a battle when you’re about to win.

I can’t imagine that I’ll reach this point, I never was conscious with my figure and with what I eat not until the past year maybe because my metabolism is not anymore the same as before. I was fat as a child and I got thinner as I grew but things changed when I started taking up my major accounting subjects but my friends are gaining more weight than I do, so I wasn’t really bothered until now. I just realized that the fact that they are gaining weight doesn’t mean that I have the permission to also gain as long as it’s lesser than they do. After all, this dieting isn’t solely for aesthetic and personal satisfaction purposes but is primarily for living healthier, I think I should consume less of those calorie-fic foods over flowing with bad cholesterol.

‘Though it seems like the past week was a wasted effort, I am still sticking to my diet at least I managed to keep it breakeven. 🙂


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